The leaders Chaz and Loretta Russell were grounded in world music tours with Roy Brooks, Tito Puente', Orthello Molineaux, Max Roach, Aretha Franklin, Margie Joseph, T. J. Hemphill, Hugh Masekela and More!

Stevie Wonder, Len "Boogsie" Sharp, Ramsey Lewis, The Marley Family,  Chalkdust, Liam Teague, Trinidad Tripoli, Andre Crouch, Lena Horn and Roy Brooks, Mahalia Jackson,  Harold Mckinney, "Straight Ahead" are some of the inspired this groups colors of music and energy! Continued today by Bruno Mars and The News Boys

The Band started September 15, 1988... History below photo...




After a head concussion that left him speechless, Chaz Russell started The Gratitude Band in "thanksgiving of healing".  1 panist and 2 vocals,

The trio put their pan and gospel together in a style called Gospelypso. Although there were a few that admired the style, the band found it's success with high energy island styles with positive messages.  Along with their music therapy backgrounds and international performances, Gratitude continues to bring good vibes to the arts, maintain respect for Afro Cuban innovative rhythms, and still helps to relieve stress through music.

Good vibes at business events, showing hours of skill at concerts and preparing jam time shows for celebrations such as birthdays, weddings and graduations, they're  always pushing to be the best in entertainment.

Gratitude brings high energy music for marathons, triathlons, basketball games and other sports events!

Weddings are there specialty with performing fine music selections from classical, Sinatra to Ella Stevie and of course Marley. 


The Gratitude Steel Band

began playing Wedding Ceremonies and Bar Mitzvahs and then The Detroit Auto Show 3 times , The Detroit Grand Prix and more...
The began playing for mayors, congressmen and senators and governors. they aspire to perform at The White House..

They've performed the National Arts Council in conjunction with Princeton and University of Michigan. Also performed univerisity commencement entertainment across the US. They've also done work for The Detroit Symphony Orchestra, The Jackson Symphony Orchestra and The Art Institute.

They've been part of school judging in Trinidad and Tobago 🇹🇹 for competitions leading toward Panorama through Pan Trinbago.

They've performed for inmates, elderly, the handicapped and numerous race entertainment for disease cures and fun (d) raising!

They've taught steel pan to 3rd graders up to high school  and a senior steel band up to 95 years of age ....

They've written a book called  "Discover The Steel Drums"  and have done numerous cds and videos including original music.

The group has been performed for fashion shows, hair shows, wedding shows and performed for theatre musicals.

The Gratitude Steel Band plays and sings these styles.... ! Calypso, Reggae, Hawaiian, Gospelypso, Jazz, African,  Salsa, Latin and old and new  Many American Popular Dance Tunes.

For more info please go to archives on YouTube of old videos and write ups.